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Nutritional Study on Vegetarian Diet and Lab Results among Japanese Nurse Study 19th International Congress of Nutrition 2009(Bangkok Thailand)

Randomized controlled trial of a new dietary education to prevent hyperlipidemia in a high-risk group of Japanese male workers. 19th International Congress of Nutrition
2009(Bangkok Thailand)

Impact of classroom based dietary education for female adolescents: A pilot study of a cluster randomized controlled trial.Congress of Nutrition, (Bangkok,2010,10,8)

Validity and reproducibility of Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQW82) for assessing the habitual diet in female adolescents.15th International Congress of Dietetics (Yokohama, Japan,2008,9)

Relationships between Dietary Intakes and Eating Behavior in Japanese Urban Adolescents. 10th Asian Congress of Nutrition(2008,9)

Randomized Controlled Trial of a New Dietary Education Program Prevent Type 2 Diabetes in a High-Risk Group of Japanese Male Workers. 13th ARAHE (Asian Regional Association for Home Economics) CONGRESS(2005,8)